Sunday, August 18, 2013

Finished piece for Yanco Art Show

Here is my finished piece for the Yanco Art Show, to be held mid September. It is mixed media acrylic, with pages of a vintage Sheep and Wool Management book collaged over texture paste to give depth to the folds of the ram. Texture paste has been used to build up the top half of the horn, with the second half is a real ram's horn, taken from my parent's farm when they were trimming their  ram's horns. Unfortunately this is all I have been up to art wise; I'm struggling to make time for art at the moment.

The finished piece

Close up of horn

Close up of the quote in the top left hand corner


Cookie had puppies!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Another tree change...

It's been a while. Sometimes my blog is like an old friend. Life gets busy, you don't get time to drop in or call, then you put it off because that means telling them about everything that has gone on since the last time you spoke. But it's time!

We have been across the country, twice this time; 8500km in a matter of two weeks. That was back in January. It's now April, we have settled into our new house and started afresh (again). Hannah started kindergarten in a new school and LOVES it! It's the end of Term 1 at my new school and I LOVE it! We are closer to family and (some) friends. But I do miss my friends in the West.

As for art, it has been on a bit of a backburner lately while we have been getting settled. But school holidays start TOMORROW and I am going to take full advantage!!!!

Here are some of the snippets I have been doing here and there....

Altered postcard - mixed media
Altered postcard - acrylic paint over collaged papers with napkin rose

The beginnings of my collaged ram canvas - HUGE canvas with a Merino ram sketched in, coated in texture paste, then collaged with photocopied pages from the 1945 book "Sheep and Wool Management" - watch this space! 

Just thought I'd throw in my wall art display, made with beautiful free printables, which you can find on my Pinterest board, or at this site



Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I can't believe it's been six weeks since I was last on here! So much has happened since then! We made our third trip across the Nullarbor (the second in a week) and have travelled about 8000km in the space of 10 days, the last four with a horse float, two horses, two dogs and three cats, plus a ute and a trailer jam packed with stuff! Phew am I glad that is done! Now, we are living in Leeton in rural NSW, and I have been in my new job as an Agriculture Teacher and Sheep Showstock Co-ordinator for 10 days. It's hard work but I am loving it! Hannah started at Kindergarten full time and she loves going to school as well.

It's late at night and this is just a quick update. I haven't had a lot of time, but here are the next stage of the canvases that I collaged just prior to moving. I'm not exactly sure where they are going to go next but will wait and see.
For this one I grabbed out my new Balzer designs spot template, sponged on some purple paint, played with a couple of new spray inks, Pink Lemonade and a yellow from the Cakewalk series and some glimmer mist 

For this one, I used a rag to remove bits of the blue/aqua, fading up to the top, then laid down a plastic lace tablecloth and spritzed it with the yellow ink. Then I added some raspberry stamps. Not loving it at this stage; I think I may need to tone down the red but we'll see.

The following two pictures are for Artists in Blogland's postcard swap. I have to finish and mail them before the 14th of Feb. Not loving the first one, I experimented with the woodgrain template and don't think I like it there.

This one below is pretty though, I love the lace doily stencil. 


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